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Motivational camp

On 4th May Yaseen English School, Narbal conducted an “One Day  Motivation Camp”,  led by Dr. B. M Muhsin sir (Director :- Happy life) by the presidency of Mr. Habeeb Rahman sir principal YES Narbal, for up to 8th class  students. The participants of the camp consisted of thirty students. The objective of this camp is to teach students to have the desire and responsibility in learning and managing their daily life.

Moreover, the camp aimed to build greater communication skills and self-esteem amongst students. This was to ensure the students focused on the development of skills, knowledge, and understanding instead of just performing any task. This program also helped students to be confident in their abilities and use productive attribution patterns they acquired. Moreover, the main objective was to assist them in preparing for examinations through sharing experience.

The one days camp held activities which help self empowerment in life and explorace. In addition, more enriching sharing experience were held with the students like “Who we are” session which might help them in guiding them to a competent opportunities in their life. This program was a success as all staffs and school students gave full cooperation during this program to ensure all activities ran smoothly.