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Badar day

We celebrate Badar Day on 17th Ramazan (June 2 Saturday).

It was a grateful day which filled with the memories of the companions of prophet Muhammed (PBUH) who fought agonist kuffar on 2nd HijiraRamazan 17th day.

Mr. Saifudheen Sir, Coordinator Yes India foundation Srinagar zone, delivered the soliloquy about the Badar, its neediness and necessity of the war on that time, which was get an unaccustomed knowledge about the conflict from they got before. “The spiritual power is mightiest than the healthy” he added. Mr. SwalihAdanySoibuk led the the recitation of Badarmouleednad Mr. Muhammed Hafiz Adany lead forth by prayer. Mr. Farooq sir, Mr. Shameel were also participated